Community members engaging in the donation drive at Landon's Greenhouse's farmers market in Sheridan, surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant plants.

Landon's Greenhouse: Cultivating Community Spirit in Sheridan

In the heart of Sheridan, Wyoming, lies a verdant oasis known as Landon's Greenhouse—not just a hub for gardening enthusiasts but a cornerstone of community engagement. This Saturday, November 18, 2023, Landon's Greenhouse is set to transform its popular farmers market into a beacon of generosity and community spirit. From 9:00 AM to noon, they are partnering with Local Nakamal to host a meaningful donation drive during their famous Farmers Market, an event that encapsulates the spirit of giving as we approach Thanksgiving.

Landons Greenhouse - Wyoming Beauty

Landon's Greenhouse: A Local Treasure

For years (over 40 amazing years!), Landon's Greenhouse has been more than a nursery; it's been a place where plants and community roots grow together. Their commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship resonates through every leaf and blossom. With an array of plants that turn shopping into an exploration, Landon's has become a cherished part of Sheridan's landscape. Visit their website at Landon's Greenhouse to explore their gardening wonderland.

A Saturday Tradition: The Farmers Market

Every Saturday, Landon's Greenhouse hosts a vibrant farmers market, a testament to their dedication to local growers and artisans. This weekend's market, however, holds special significance. As we gather donations for our community-sponsored event, detailed at Local Nakamal's Blog, Landon's Greenhouse proves once again that they are more than a business; they are a pillar of community support.

The Landon's and Local Nakamal Connection

The synergy between Landon's Greenhouse and Local Nakamal is a beautiful representation of mutual support and shared values. Many customers at Local Nakamal have expressed their admiration for the lush, jungle-like atmosphere within our space – a direct result of the flourishing plants sourced from Landon's. This green collaboration has not only beautified our space but also created an environment that reflects our commitment to nature and community.

Spotlight on Bridget Dillard: An Artist with a Heart for Community

In the midst of this flourishing partnership stands Bridget Dillard, a dedicated store manager at Landon's Greenhouse. Bridget’s artistic talents were graciously shared with us during Local Nakamal's grand opening, where she presented a stunning painting. This artwork has become a centerpiece of our space, evoking deep emotions and symbolizing the larger mission we are on. Her contribution is a testament to the individual passion and creativity that thrive at Landon's Greenhouse.

Overview of Landons Greenhouse - Local Nakamal's Favorite Greenhouse in wyoming

Gratitude and Future Collaborations

As we prepare for this Saturday's event, we extend our heartfelt thanks to Landon's Greenhouse. Their continuous support in our endeavors and their broader contributions to the community and the planet resonate deeply with us. One leaf, one event, and one community effort at a time, they are making a tangible difference.


We invite everyone in Sheridan to experience the warmth and community spirit at Landon's Greenhouse this Saturday. Your participation in the donation drive will not only support a noble cause but also reinforce the bonds that make our community strong. Let's come together to celebrate the spirit of giving and the vibrant community we are all a part of.


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Beautiful Landons Flowers

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