Spotlight on Sheridan Community Silent Heroes: Joleen Van Norman's Inspiring Journey

Spotlight on Sheridan Community Silent Heroes: Joleen Van Norman's Inspiring Journey

In the heart of Sheridan, a story of resilience, community, and compassion unfolds. Today, we shine a spotlight on Joleen Van Norman, a remarkable member of our community, whose dedication to the local Thanksgiving food and coat drive has been a beacon of hope and kindness.

The Heart of the Initiative:

For several years, Joleen, a devoted mother and wife, has been the driving force behind her and her dear friend Tabitha's own Thanksgiving food and coat drive in Sheridan. Her hard work and commitment have not only provided warmth and nourishment to many but have also brought our community closer together.

Join us as we aim to feed and bring warmth to over 10 families locally!

Overcoming Personal Challenges:

This year, Joleen's resolve was tested like never before. Her family faced a daunting challenge: a cancer diagnosis for her young son. The initial devastation was overwhelming, but an unexpected miracle came their way. An anonymous donor from their church, The Rock Church in Sheridan, Wyoming, stepped in to cover the surgery expenses, providing much-needed relief during this difficult time.

The Community's Role:

Joleen's husband, James, has been working tirelessly, clocking in over 70 hours a week to cover unexpected expenses and ensure the family's well-being. This story holds many silent heroes: James and his local employer, Vacutech. Their gratitude towards the community members who have supported them is immense, as is the community's gratitude for their unwavering kindness and compassion.

Joleen's Personal Growth:

Reflecting on her journey, Joleen speaks candidly about her growth through various life challenges, both personal and external. Her resilience and the silent contributions she and her family make to our community are a testament to their strength and generosity.

Local Nakamal Sponsor Spotlight - Joleen Van Norman

Supporting the Van Norman Family:

In solidarity with the Van Norman family, proceeds from our "Wyoming Warmth" t-shirt sales will be dedicated to assisting with their travel expenses for their son's medical treatments. This is an opportunity for us to give back to a family that has given so much to our community.

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All In All:

Joleen Van Norman embodies the spirit of Sheridan—resilient, compassionate, and community-driven. Her story is one of courage, love, and the power of community support. Let's rally together to support the Van Norman family and continue the legacy of giving that Joleen has championed.

Join us in supporting the Van Norman family by purchasing a "Wyoming Warmth" t-shirt. Let's make a difference together!

The Caring Van Norman Family

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