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Local Nakamal

Premium Medium Grind Tongan Kava

Premium Medium Grind Tongan Kava

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Introducing Pouni Ono, a remarkable Tongan kava that embodies the essence of the Pacific islands. Nestled in the embrace of unique volcanic soil, this kava boasts a smooth and approachable flavor profile.

A sip of Pouni Ono kava unveils a sense of relaxation, happiness, and heightened alertness. Some even describe it as an infusion of joyful energy. Pouni Ono stands as a beacon of upliftment, offering a refreshing experience that's less fatiguing compared to other kavas. It's your perfect companion for daytime indulgence, and it holds the title of our finest social kava.

We take pride in sourcing 100% Noble kava, lab-tested for quality and potency, directly from dedicated small-scale Tongan farmers. This ensures the freshness and superior effects that make Pouni Ono a standout choice.

Pouni Ono is more than a kava; it's an elevation of mood, a state of serene mental relaxation, and an enhancement of your overall well-being. Experience the Pacific spirit in every drop of Pouni Ono kava, where happiness and alertness harmonize in perfect balance.

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